Kids Room Design 3 Important Tips You Must Know

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3 Important tips you must know about decorating kids room.

Designing a kids room requires a different approach than the regular rooms. Starting from the idea of design, materials selection till the right furniture placement. In addition, you need to understand the desire of your children first. There are so many information you can gather about the design of a kids room from the Internet, books, magazines or television. However, whatever information you need to understand the formula arrangement of the child’s room.

bright kids rooms design ideas


The first formula can be interpreted in a room arrangement can be adapted to the growth and needs of children. Of course, tastes and needs of children who are growing more volatile than the adults.

kids rooms decoration ideas purple

However, parents may not follow each child will differ in each period and development. The solution is to modify the background of the room, be it by adding new paint or wallpaper and update the child’s room accessory.


The second formula can be interpreted room set up with a bright display. This can be realized on the color selection of materials, accessories, and bright color furniture . Kids Room Color is psychologically will stimulate children’s imagination and makes the room memorable relief.

kids room decoration ideas

Application of pale colors and pastels are vibrant and soothing feel to a child’s room. But while the child is a teenager, he would tend to prefer strong colors that fun and contemporary.


The third formula can be interpreted a child’s room easy to clean. This formula is a prerequisite for the design of a child’s room, it will be the choice of base materials or coatings are used on walls, floors and furniture.

kids room wallpaper ideas

Indeed, children may not be diligent in cleaning up his room. However, you as parents can help them to choose the coating material and furniture that is not easy to collect dust, such as vinyl wallpaper or wall mural, oil-based paint, and sheets with a nano-technology fabric that can ward off dust.

They are three tips about decorating kids room, hope this article can help you to decorate and designs a good kids room.

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