Kids Room Wall Mural Ideas For Kids Room Decoration

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Kids Room Wall Mural Ideas for you who have a plan decorate your kids room with wall mural.
At my previous post I’ve posted about Kids Room Color Ideas, that articles was discuss about “solid color” as the main decoration theme for kids room. Now I want to write about wall mural on kids room for kids room decor.

Wall Mural is often used in many rooms / places as decoration also for kids room. If you want to decorate your kids room wall, wall mural is an alternative choice instead just solid color. Before you apply mural to the wall one thing you must know first is what are your children likes. Natural, sport and cartoon or super hero themes are theme that often used as wall mural. Bellow you can see some kinds of wall mural theme that apply in a kids room wall.



Natural Wall Mural

undersea wall mural Sea wall mural ideas for kidsroom

Some kids love natural theme, maybe they have their own imagination about this kind of theme. Sea or undersea wall mural , jungle / forrest , mountain and some others are a good choice for this kind of theme.


Cartoon Wall Mural

girl kids room wall mural ideas spongebob cartoon wall mural kidsroom

Almost every children love to see cartoon movies. Usually they have one or two movies and their character. Disney movies are one of that movies, beside that winnie the pooh, super heroes character and some others are some choices you can offer to your children before you decide to paint the wall.

Sports Wall Mural

Sports Kids room Wall Mural ideas


Children also love sports especially boys. Basketball, baseball, hockey and some automotive theme are a good choices for your kids room wall mural

They are some wall mural ideas to apply for your kids room


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