Living Room Designs and Your Personality

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Living Room Design Ideas and the relation with your personality
You are a creative person and need media to enclose your creativity? From now on, start pouring creativity to play a combination of colors for the beauty in your living room.

Pouring creativity by playing a combination of color results will show your personality based on the choice of color combinations that you apply. Greatly affect a person’s color psychology, as reviewed in the psychological, the colors have different meanings. Here are some examples:

Warm colors Living Room Designs

Red Color

red living room decor ideas

This color is a color that stimulates the dominant mood. The red color gives the impression of zooming in on an object, but instead may reduce the size of the room.

These colors also as the giver of accent color that should be used in the dining room, the child’s bedroom, kitchen, or workplace.


modern brown living room designs

This color symbolizes security and elegance. This color can be associated with stability and an elegant atmosphere.


gold color living room designs

While this is a traditional symbol, wealth, and prosperity

Cool colors Living Room Designs

Green Color

Green Living Room Design Ideas

For those who love this color, green symbolizes freshness and nature in mind. Green became a symbol of growth, fertility, and the harmony is refreshing and calming.

– Blue Color

blue living room color decor

This color symbolizes the depth, fidelity, intimacy, and the silence. For enthusiasts of this color, blue can also be associated with spirituality, peace, mystery, patience and contemplation.

– White

White Interior Living Room design

White is a symbol of purity which describes a new beginning, innocence and purity. These colors are suitable for use in bedrooms and kitchens, and should not be used in the dining room and the child’s bedroom.

So after you read this article about the relation of living room designs and your personality you now can decide to decorate your living room based on your character and personality.

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