Small Living Room in Apartment Decor Ideas

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Small Living Room Designs and decor at small apartment

Living room in a small apartment because the land tends to narrow. In fact, due to limited space, so in this area to be a combination of several functions such as living room or sometimes as a small home office

This limited-paced condition can also be experienced by small-type houses like size 36 or 45 square meters. The living room is available generally range from approximately 9 square meters. In order to keep the room works best even if conditions are limited, you can get around through the arrangement and selection of appropriate furniture nan.

small apartment living room

Interior design in the tiny living room have to be made simple and flexible, especially if the room is sometimes arbitrary function. While for the selection of furniture, select furniture multifunctional to be maximized. Also, do not forget to put the storage  your small living room. The point, to keep the room neat and concise.

small apartment living room decorating ideas

Before buying furniture to fill your living room, remember how extensive that the right size. The selection of sofa when too large, it can be replaced with a sofa bed two or three seats. At certain moments, sofa bed mattress can be extended becomes the backup. Add two single-seat or small bench ottoman as an extra sweetener living room.

As a storage room at a same time as a room filler, you can choose a coffee table that has a shelf on the bottom. You can also pack a large cabinet on the wall, contains a television and other electronic equipment. If you love to wear wallpaper, choose a patterned light and light-colored with a pattern of thin lines or thin box. The purpose of the motive is to help rest the eyes.

small Living Room Design ideas

Once the interior fit your needs and desires, do not forget to add the mirror as access to the room. The width of the mirror can be placed on one particular wall giving the impression of your living room more spacious.

Although small, there’s nothing wrong if you brighten the room by adding trinkets or accessories. You may¬† add upholstery also decorative pillows on the sofa , the following ethnic-style tablecloth collection of statues can arrange on your coffee table. Or, if you like, pack fresh flower with bright colors, and then place it on the table.

modern green Small Living Room design

So if you have a problems with how to decor small living room this article maybe can help you to make a good decoration and designs for your small living room

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